Coal Gangue separator machine
Ore (Coal Gangue ) intelligent separation system Overview-langue and ash reduction, high efficiency and precision, energy saving and environmental protection, high efficiency and low consumption The ABT series of ore (coal gangue) intelligent separation system was developed and designed by Hefei Obote Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. This product uses X-ray image recognition technology to use advanced technologies such as deep learning algorithms to identify coal and gangue, so as to achieve precise sorting of lump coal and gangue. ABT ore (coal gangue) intelligent separation system is completely dry separation, no water, no medium, no slime generation, energy saving and environmental protection, small area of ​​the system, short construction period, low investment cost; simple system technology and convenient operation , Low operating cost, and has broad application prospects in terms of replacing artificial gangue, pre-discharging gangue, reducing ash from raw coal, and increasing the calorific value of product coal. Basic system parameters Materials: coal Optional particle size range: 8--300mm Processing capacity: 20-200t/h Glue discharge accuracy: ~90 Conveyor belt width: 600~4000mm Belt speed: 2.8-3.5m/s Schematic diagram of sorting system Main components of the sorting system nBatching system nConveying system nImage analysis source nComputer intelligent control system n Material separation execution device Schematic diagram of sorting system The intelligent dry sorting system sorts according to the different density of the materials. The materials of different densities show different colors under the intelligent identification source. The sorting actuator is sorted according to the different colors of the material imaging. The image on the left is the color picture of the material observed by human eyes and the contrast of the imaged color of the material under the functional recognition source. Sorting system---equipment characteristics nCompletely dry sorting, no water is needed to avoid environmental pollution nLow energy consumption, high sorting accuracy nLow project investment cost nLow operating and maintenance costs n Simple operation and high stability Sorting system---application range nSuitable for coal gangue separation in arid and severe cold regions nInstead of hand-selected gangue nReplace ROM jig machine nThe coal preparation plant discharges waste in advance Sorting system---system efficiency nHigh efficiency: The one-time net selection efficiency is as high as about 90%, which is better than the waste removal efficiency of manual selection and moving sieve jigs. , n Low consumption: No other consumption except electric energy, only one operator is required to operate the equipment. nEnergy saving: physical separation, no need for media, low power consumption. nEnvironmental protection: The system is completely dry sorting, without the intervention of water and media, to avoid environmental pollution Sorting system---Comparing advantages with similar technologies newly developed in China             Foreign technology, mature and advanced nThe system has a variety of specifications to meet the needs of different working conditions nThe separation actuator is sensitive and reliable, and the sorting is accurate nThe material conveying speed can be as high as 3.5m/s, and the processing capacity is large nThere is no need to set up a material channel device on the material conveyor belt, the material throughput is large, and the belt surface utilization rate is high nThe system is completely sealed (with a transparent sealed observation hole), safe to operate, with a dust removal interface, and no dust pollution in the working environment n Years of operating performance in foreign coal and iron ore industries have verified the stability and reliability of the equipment
Color Sorter Solution
1. Pour the materials to be color-selected into the vibrating feeding hopper, and shake the materials into the material distribution tank through the feeder's high-frequency shaking. 2. Each material will fall into the sorting box through the channel, and each board has 64 channels, each channel corresponds to an air valve, so as to ensure the cleanliness rate of each material. 3. After the materials fall into the sorting box, the two high-definition color cameras on the front and back will take a high-frequency comprehensive picture of each material without leaving a dead corner, and the speed of the picture is up to 3000 times / min. 4. The pictures taken will be compared with qualified materials through spectral analysis. If materials that do not match the qualified products and have different colors are found, the gas valve will blow out the unqualified materials and drop them into the overflow port. Follow the set route to fall into the qualified material mouth. 5. After sorting once, if it is found that the material in the overflow material mouth contains a little qualified material, you can import the material into the hopper again and repeat the above operation to sort again to achieve the best effect. Obote company has many kinds of color sorter machine.Oboto color sorter machine is suitalbe for the mateials as below, rice,grains,beans,nuts, wolfberry,teas,dry vegetables,plastic,quartz sands and so on
Automated warehousing
The automated three-dimensional warehouse can realize the advantages of high-level warehouse rationalization, access automation, and simple operation. The main body consists of shelf, stacker, AGV, RGV, inbound and outbound workbench and automatic transport (out) and operation control system. . The shelf is a steel structure or a reinforced concrete structure of the building or structure. The shelf is a standard size cargo space. The roadway stacker runs through the roadway between the shelves to complete the work of depositing and picking up the goods. Management uses computer and barcode technology.
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