Automated warehousing
The automated three-dimensional warehouse can realize the advantages of high-level warehouse rationalization, access automation, and simple operation. The main body consists of shelf, stacker, AGV, RGV, inbound and outbound workbench and automatic transport (out) and operation control system. . The shelf is a steel structure or a reinforced concrete structure of the building or structure. The shelf is a standard size cargo space. The roadway stacker runs through the roadway between the shelves to complete the work of depositing and picking up the goods. Management uses computer and barcode technology.
Color Sorter Solution
1. Pour the materials to be color-selected into the vibrating feeding hopper, and shake the materials into the material distribution tank through the feeder's high-frequency shaking. 2. Each material will fall into the sorting box through the channel, and each board has 64 channels, each channel corresponds to an air valve, so as to ensure the cleanliness rate of each material. 3. After the materials fall into the sorting box, the two high-definition color cameras on the front and back will take a high-frequency comprehensive picture of each material without leaving a dead corner, and the speed of the picture is up to 3000 times / min. 4. The pictures taken will be compared with qualified materials through spectral analysis. If materials that do not match the qualified products and have different colors are found, the gas valve will blow out the unqualified materials and drop them into the overflow port. Follow the set route to fall into the qualified material mouth. 5. After sorting once, if it is found that the material in the overflow material mouth contains a little qualified material, you can import the material into the hopper again and repeat the above operation to sort again to achieve the best effect. Obote company has many kinds of color sorter machine.Oboto color sorter machine is suitalbe for the mateials as below, rice,grains,beans,nuts, wolfberry,teas,dry vegetables,plastic,quartz sands and so on
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