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Single column stacker

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Single column stacker

The stacker is the most important lifting equipment in the warehouse, which is the symbol of the characteristic of the three-dimensional warehouse. Its main purpose is to run within the three-dimensional storage channel, the goods will be located at the mouth of roadway in available, take out the goods or the goods, to the throat. 

• simple structure: 

It is composed of a column of vertical column, which saves the material and saves the investment, simple and practical, the structure is compact, the track is aluminum alloy, the failure rate is low, the maintenance is convenient. 

• running speed: 

In super-long ultra-high roadway full load running, running and lifting speed, respectively, the highest can reach 180 m/min and 40 m/min, fastest goods fork fork take 40 m/min. 

• high security: 

Run, lift and pallet fork mechanism is equipped with multiple mechanical safety device and electric control and safety protection function, a total of 19 species, to ensure the safety of the stacker equipment safety works smoothly and the goods stored and transmitted. All the key components of Japanese technology are imported. Three levels of safety protection of mechanical electrical software. 

• high reliability: 

The electric control device adopts the international famous brand, the key device has no trouble working hours more than 20,000 hours. The electronic control system is fast and steady and accurate. It is safe and reliable to use all rubber in the end part of the cargo. High speed and smooth horizontal vertical but simultaneous action. 

• smart: 

Automatic acceptance, analysis, and execution instructions; Automatic recording and uploading all status information and failure data; When all sorts of exceptions occur in the running process, automatically stop running and call the police.


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