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Automated warehouse

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Automated warehouse

Automated warehouseAutomated warehouse is a new concept in logistics and warehousing. The use of three-dimensional warehouse equipment can realize the rationalization of warehouse height, access automation, easy operation; automated warehouse is the higher level of the current form of technology. Automated warehouse consists of shelves, tunnel type stacking crane, (a) into the database table and automatically into (out) and operation control system. The shelf is steel or reinforced concrete structure of a building or structure, the shelf is a standard size storage space, stacker crane through the tunnel between the shelves in the complete deposit, pick up the work. Management uses computer and bar code technology.
Automated warehouse (AS/RS) is a three-dimensional shelf, stacker machine, a storage tray conveyor system, the size of the detected bar code reading system, communication system, automatic control system, computer monitoring system, computer management system and other such as wire and cable bridge frame distribution cabinet, tray, adjustable platform, steel platform and auxiliary equipment the composition of complex automation system. The use of first-class integrated logistics concept, the use of advanced control, bus, communication and information technology, through the above equipment coordination movements, warehousing operations.
Common equipment: stacker, shuttle car, shelf type shuttle bus (shuttle board), hoist, AGV, stacker, suspension trolley, conveyor line, etc..
Break the simple construction of a stereoscopic warehouse. From the actual needs of customers, from the customer to maximize the use of warehouse space, consider the user scale, technology and investment in production to solve customer problems need to be solved fundamentally by the efficiency of a full range of requirements, from the beginning in the user's point of view, the construction of first-class warehouse, leading the direction of the trend.
The design and manufacture technology of Hefei Obote automation equipment limited company master stacker, the most advanced international transportation line, shuttle vehicles and other equipment, with many years of accumulated experience in project implementation and customer demand for industry insight, providing automated warehousing solutions industry cost optimal:
Beyond the design technology of stacker in Japan for years of project experience in the accumulation of a large number of R & D funding and excellent processing technology to ensure aobote people diligently summarize customer experience of the pursuit of spirit

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