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Robotic palletizer ABT210

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Obote’s robotic palletizer is painstakingly researched and innovatively developed by technology experts from China University of Technology, Hefei University, Chinese Academy of Sciences for many years. according to the palletizer users and proposals, constantly updated design is made for the majority of domestic and external users with a new type, high efficiency, energy saving, trouble saving, money saving automatic palletizing equipment. Obote’s palletizer by replacing gripper can vividly reflected the powerful versatility to different industries such as chemicals, beverages, food, beer, plastic, printing and other; for all kinds of boxes, bags, cans, beer boxes and other packaging palletizing and unstacking, relatively lower customer acquisition costs, creating the world's highest level of automatic palletizing robot. Obote palletizing systems for each of these challenges can provide a solution.


model ABT210 



Touch screen ,easy to use . Realization of linear motion, simplified the control system.


Simple structure, low failure rate, easy for maintenance


Less component, lower the maintenance cost


Low power consumption,only 1/3 compare to the   equal mechanical stacker.


Takes up less area, higher use rate of site 


Multiple ways of tech method, satisfying the different requirements on site. 


Can handle 4 different palletizing forms for the       same time at most.Light and strong grasper,safe and saving energy.


10 kinds of common used palletizing patterns built-in, Also other special patterns are able to defined by user.


Motion Pattern: cylindrical coordinates
Mechanical structure: articulated robot
axis: 4 axes:A,B,C,D
Mounting Style floor type
Motor 4 branded AC servo motor
Gripper Splint,tongs,sucker and other customizations
bearing capacity 160KG
Motion Range A(Long.)  1500mm
B(vertical) 2300mm
C(turn.) 330°
D(wrist.) 330°
Positional repeatability ±0.5mm
Rated power 6.5KW
Body Weight 1300KG
Air supply 0.5Mpa
Tech method Hand movement/Tech support/Tech exempt(optional)

Robotic palletizer side elevation

Parameter Claw


Claws double-zone


model                      ZS-001 model                ZS-002 model                 ZS-003 model                ZS-004
Air pressure            0.5Mpa Air pressure      0.5Mpa Air pressure       0.5Mpa Air pressure      0.5Mpa
Cylinder brand        AirTAG Cylinder brand   AirTAG Cylinder brand    AirTAG Cylinder brand   AirTAG
Speed                     1000 times/H Speed                1000 times/H Speed                1500 bags/H Speed               1000 times/H

Sack palletizing line

Carton palletizing line

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