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Plastic color sorter

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  Plastic color sorter

Plastic color sorter  ABT CSL crawler color sorter

  CSL is a newly developed color sorter with integrated structural design, unique transmission system, belt deviation prevention design, the latest dust removal device, and it has the same selection of dry and wet, color and shape. It can be used in the selection, optimization and smart selection of particulate matter such as beans, nuts, grains, seeds, dehydrated vegetables, and industrial plastics.


  Super intelligent recognition technology

  1. Automatically identify the characteristics of materials, match the optimal sorting plan, and reasonably realize customers' expectations for sorting;

  2. Provide customers with the best and most economical sorting plan;

  3. Further realize the self-adaptive calculation, learning, decision-making and control of color selection, one-key start, smart sorting.


  HD Micron Camera

  1. Exclusive customized ultra-clear CCD sensor technology, with high-definition low-distortion industrial lens;

  2. The material can be scanned more than 10,000 times in one second, and the recognition accuracy is up to micrometers, which can accurately identify tiny and fine lesions;

  3. 130 million colors can be recognized, achieving faster (speed), higher (precision), and better (bring out).


  Top custom high frequency solenoid valve

  1. Less air consumption and longer service life;

  2. The rejection rate is higher, and it is no longer vulnerable parts.


  Real-time big data system

  1. Realize remote operation, remote diagnosis, remote warranty, and online training.

  2. It can also collect and analyze the operating data of the equipment in real time, and push remote business opportunity information to ensure that customers can grasp various value-added business news in the first time.


  Global original color sorter air duct circulating cooling system

  1. The unique heat dissipation system effectively improves the service life of LEDs and equipment.

  2. Enhance circuit stability and make the whole machine more reliable than similar products in the market.


  Three-dimensional ring suction

  1. Three-dimensional ring suction system, the ultimate cleaning effect, reduce the frequency of cleaning.

  2. Long cleaning interval, easier production and better color selection.


  Based on the system dynamics, it is carefully designed to make the material stable and the light source intelligent control dimming system

  Advanced automatic dimming technology can automatically match the best brightness according to material selection requirements and changes in the environment to achieve the best and most stable sorting performance.


  Anti-crushing discharge system

  Reduce the probability of rebound and greatly control the crushing and loss of materials.


  Multispectral Analysis Technology

  With high-definition micron recognition technology and intelligent shape selection technology, non-rice materials such as glass, plastic particles, desiccant, and gravel can be accurately selected.

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Plastic color sorter


Plastic color sorter