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Automated production
Automated production: An automatic production line is a production system in which a set of automatic machine tools (or other process equipment) and auxiliary equipment are connected in accordance with the process sequence by a workpiece transfer system and a control system. The automatic production line is used to cooperate with mobile transportation equipment such as shuttle cars and AGVs and fixed equipment such as palletizing and destacking robots to complete the integration of production and storage of the equipment, referred to as the automatic line. It is one of the main trends in the development of modern production, and has great significance for accelerating the development of social productive forces, improving enterprise production technology, and reducing manual labor for workers. Suitable for mass production. High machining accuracy and productivity. Small footprint. Can shorten the production cycle and reduce costs, and ensure a balanced production. Jiatian Technology through its own continuous efforts, combined with the user experience to continuously modify and improve, to provide the industry's best automated production line solutions.
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