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Grain Color Sorter

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  Grain Color Sorter

Grain Color Sorter  Introduction to the working process of the Grain color sorter and the color sorter:

  Color sorter is a process that uses CCD optical imaging technology to screen hetero chromatic particles and impurities in color sorting materials. After the material arrives at the processing location, determine the proportion of different-colored particles and impurities (ie impurity content). The impurity content of the material directly affects the color sorting accuracy of the color sorter. The higher the impurity content, the higher the color sorting accuracy. The lower. Therefore, before starting work, set the relevant parameters such as the working mode of the color sorter according to the impurity content, output, and type of the material. After the parameters are set, the selected materials are loaded into the hopper of the color sorter through the lifting machine. At this time, the materials pass from the hopper through the vibrating feeder into a selected chute channel (that is, the color selection channel, and its surface should be smooth and flat. No rice jumping phenomenon) feeding. The material particles are arranged and adjusted in the chute channel to form a single layer of uniform speed sliding out of the chute channel, and fall into the detection area of ​​the CCD lens. The main control system of the color sorter analyzes and discriminates the materials according to the data collected by the CCD lens, and blows out the defective products in the materials with a high-speed jet valve and enters the defective products hopper. The defective products that have been sorted once enter the second selection hopper through a special hoist for a second color selection. The high-quality materials after the second color selection will be sent to the next process for processing; defective products will be judged as final defective products and stored separately.


Grain Color Sorter


  product description:

  YJT brand color sorter CS series multifunctional color sorter is a device that uses the photoelectric principle to detect and separate individuals (spherical, massive or granular) with abnormal colors or infected with diseases and insect pests and foreign impurities from a large number of bulk products. The color sorter is mainly used in the agricultural finishing industry. When the unqualified product and the qualified product cannot be separated by screening equipment because of their close particle size, or the density is basically the same and cannot be separated by specific gravity sorting equipment, the color sorter can The color difference of materials is effectively separated, and its unique effect is very obvious.


  Product advantages:

  1.Sorting by variety, beyond your imagination. ABT CS series color sorter is a universal color sorter newly developed by Easytech. The whole machine is simple in structure, stable in color sorting performance and easy to operate. It can be adapted to all kinds of rice, beans, nuts, grains and seeds. , Dehydrated vegetables, industrial plastics and other particulate matter, optimal, smart choice.

  2.Meet the requirements of high-precision sorting. The new multicoloured parallel processing system can sort according to color, shape, texture, edge distribution, etc.; Smart selection schemes are flexibly matched and run synchronously, and the computing speed is greatly improved; Multi-dimensional, multi-space, large-scale computing fusion Ultrain recognition, and color selection Adapt to computing.

  3.A new generation of software, more user-oriented. The full-color high-speed line-scan imaging CCD sensor for international cutting-edge industry, and the special-purpose lens for color sorting tailored by top international suppliers can accurately identify tiny spots of 0.04mm and meet the high-end color sorting requirements of sorting; with high resolution and high Sensitive industrial image sensor and high-reliability system design can instantly capture small defects and ensure reliable operation of the equipment.

  4.Anti-breaking material receiving device. The straight-through feeding structure greatly increases the output of the machine; the straight-through discharge hopper structure solves the problems of material blocking and stacking, reduces material collisions, and effectively reduces material damage.

  5.Multiple optical path technology-to achieve sorting without dead ends. The latest and original smart LED invisible cold light source combined with the new multi-angle invisible light path technology completely disappears the material's negative shape, so that tiny disease spots and black spots on the needle tip are hidden, identification is easier, judgment is easier, and the sorting effect is better Accurate; long life, high luminous efficiency, strong anti-interference stability, no need to preheat when starting up.

  6.Unique identification technology makes malignant debris nowhere to hide. Unique identification technology effectively removes malignant impurities such as glass, feces, stones, and transparent plastics.

  7.New spray valve system. The output is larger and the removal efficiency is higher; the life span is up to 10 billion times.

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