palletizer solutions
Full-automatic palletizing machine is used to automatically stack bags, boxes, barrels and other materials sent from the front-end packaging line according to the working process requirements of the customer (such as 5 bags per layer and 8 layers per stack) and stack Equipment for conveying of materials. Suitable for chemical, petroleum, grain and oil, food, feed, coating, oil, pigment, beverage and other industries. Improving labor efficiency, reducing labor intensity, reducing human resources for enterprises, realizing automated production of machinery, making it possible for enterprises to achieve refined and digital management. Folding machine: It can be connected with a liftable sewing machine to complete the work of packing, and the height can be adjusted. Turn conveyor: realize 90 ° steering conveyor. Vibration shaping line: The rolling vibration effect formed by a set of counter pressure power rollers and square rollers achieves the shaping effect on the passing materials, making the packaging materials neat and beautiful. Climbing machine: It can be connected with a lifting and down-charging machine, which can be adjusted to a suitable angle with the machine to complete the lifting of the material height and reach the appropriate stacking height. Empty Pallet Transfer Line: Store an empty pallet and transport it to the palletizing position in time when the palletizing is completed, saving time and improving efficiency. Pallet library: Multi-layer pallets are placed by a forklift at one time, and the robot can automatically replenish one pallet after the robot palletizing is completed. Palletizer: Accurately palletize the materials on the grabbing line to the area to be palletized. Palletizing station pallet conveying line: pallets are sent to the line body, and the palletizing action of the material to be grasped is realized here. The conveying end can add other auxiliary equipment (such as forklift pallet conveyor) according to customer requirements. Aobote (Subsidiary of Easyjet, website: www.abtrobot.com) palletizer is suitable for the following four types of palletizing 1. One machine, one line, single palletizing conveyor line 2. One machine, one line, double palletizing conveyor line 3. One machine multi-line single palletizing conveyor line 4. One machine with multiple lines and double palletizing
Automated warehousing
The automated three-dimensional warehouse can realize the advantages of high-level warehouse rationalization, access automation, and simple operation. The main body consists of shelf, stacker, AGV, RGV, inbound and outbound workbench and automatic transport (out) and operation control system. . The shelf is a steel structure or a reinforced concrete structure of the building or structure. The shelf is a standard size cargo space. The roadway stacker runs through the roadway between the shelves to complete the work of depositing and picking up the goods. Management uses computer and barcode technology.
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