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ABT CS + color sorter (CS +, CSZ +, CSK +)
Applications: rice, grains&pulses; Throughout: 10 TPH; Power: 5kw ABT CS + color sorter (CS +, CSZ +, CSK +) CS + is a newly lunched color sorting machine with integrated structure design, latest cleaning device, able to remove yellow, white and broken ones together or separately; Size sorting function is also available. It can be applied to the color sorting of materials such as rice, beans, nuts, grains, seeds, dehydrated vegetables, industrial plastics, etc, for a better and more intelligent sorting performance.
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Multigrain color sorter
Introduction to the flowchart of color sorter: The color sorter is a kind of machine that uses CCD optical photograph technology to identify and reject the impurities&discolored in raw materials. After the material arrives at the processing site, the percentage of impurities&discolored (that is, the impurity rate/contamination) must be determined. The impurity rate in the raw material directly influences the sorting accuracy of the color sorter. The higher the impurity rate, the lower sorting accuracy. Therefore, before starting the work, setting the relevant parameters of the color sorter working mode and other parameters according to the impurity rate, output, and type of the material should be carefully done. After the parameter setting being completed, the raw materials will be loaded into the feed hopper of the color sorter through the lifter. At the same time,raw material will be transported from the feed hopper through the vibrating feeder to a chute channel (color sorter chutes, whose surface should be smooth and no rice jumping happens) feeding. The raw material are arranged and shaped in the chute channel, whose speed will be adjusted to form a single layer of uniform sliding in the chute channel, and raw materials fall into the detection area of ​​the CCD lens. The main control system of the color sorter analyzes and identify the materials according to the signla data collected by the CCD lens, and blows out the unwanted in the materials by a high-speed ejectors; The rejected materials will go to rejection outlets. The first rejection will go to secondary sorting by elevator to be sorted again. The first acception will go to next procedure for processing; the final rejection will be judged as the final bad materials which will be stored and processed separately.
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