Lhasa color sorter price_ Sale of bean color sorter with reasonable price by Aobote group

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Lhasa color sorter price_ Aobote group sells bean color sorters with reasonable prices. Hefei aobote automation equipment Co., Ltd. has been focusing on providing good bean color sorters for agriculture, plastics and ore industries since its establishment on April 22, 2013. The company follows up the trend in a timely manner, bases itself on a new starting point and creates a new situation. With production and processing equipment and professional packaging production lines, the new product development cycle is short, the ability is strong, the precision is high, and the manufacturing process. Welcome the vast agricultural, plastic and ore industries to cooperate.

Lhasa color sorter price, abtcs+ color sorter

Cs+ is a newly developed color sorter, which has the functions of structural design, ash removal device, yellow and white separation and sorting, yellow and white crushing and sorting, color and shape selection, etc. It can be applied to the, optimization and intelligent selection of particles such as rice, beans, nuts, grains, seeds, dehydrated vegetables and industrial plastics.

Super intelligent recognition technology

1. Automatically identify the characteristics of materials, match the sorting scheme, and reasonably realize the sorting expectations of customers;

2. Provide customers with the most economical sorting scheme;

3. Further realize the operation, learning, decision-making and control of color selection self adaptation, one click start and intelligent sorting.

HD micron camera

1. Customized ultra clear CCD sensor technology, combined with high-definition low distortion industrial lens;

2. It can scan materials for more than 10000 times in one second, and the recognition accuracy can reach the micron level, which can recognize small and fine lesions;

3. It can recognize 130 million colors and realize faster (speed), higher (precision) and better (bring out).

Customized high-frequency solenoid valve at the top

1. Less air consumption and longer service life;

2. The rejection rate is higher, and it is no longer a vulnerable part.

Real time big data system

1. Realize remote operation, remote diagnosis, remote warranty and online training.

2. It can also collect and analyze the operation data of the equipment in real time, and push the remote business opportunity information, so as to ensure that customers can master all kinds of value-added business news at the first time.

Air duct circulating cooling system of color separator

1. The heat dissipation system can effectively improve the service life of LED and equipment.

2. Enhance the stability of the circuit and make the reliability of the whole machine more superior to similar products in the market.

Stereoscopic annular suction

1. Three dimensional annular suction system, dust removal effect, reduce dust removal frequency.

2. Super long ash cleaning interval, easier production and better color separation effect.

The automatic dimming technology of the intelligent dimming system, which is carefully designed according to the system dynamics to make the materials stabilize the light source, can automatically match the brightness according to the material sorting requirements and the changes of the environment, so as to achieve the most stable sorting performance.

Multispectral analysis technology

Combined with high-definition micron recognition technology and intelligent shape selection technology, non rice substances such as glass, plastic particles, desiccants, gravel and so on can be selected. Obert group has strong comprehensive strength, high technical level and perfect after-sales service. The company is diligent in the market development needs, and is committed to creating the production and sales services of bean color sorter. This product is used in agricultural grain, oil, chemical industry, medicine and other industries, especially suitable for the color separation of tea, sesame, beans, melon seeds, raisins, small yellow rice, qiaomai, glass, plastics, cinders, ores, peanuts, cottonseed seeds, medlar, pepper and so on. Due to the quality, production technology and other aspects, it is popular in agriculture, plastics Welcome to the ore industry, and in Beijing; Shanghai; Tianjin; Chongqing; Shandong; Jiangsu; Sichuan Hebei; Hainan; Hunan; Shanxi; Anhui; Guangxi; Henan; Jilin; Guangdong; Liaoning; Hubei; Jiangxi; Zhejiang; Qinghai; Gansu; Guizhou; Shaanxi Tibet; Ningxia; Fujian; Inner Mongolia; Yunnan; Xinjiang; Heilongjiang is extremely, and the product types and models can be supplied according to customer requirements. The main business direction of the company is sales and procurement, dare to try new methods, and adopt the method of factory direct sales within the scope of sales, which is Beijing; Shanghai; Tianjin; Chongqing; Shandong; Jiangsu; Sichuan Hebei; Hainan; Hunan; Shanxi; Anhui; Guangxi; Henan; Jilin; Guangdong; Liaoning; Hubei; Jiangxi; Zhejiang; Qinghai; Gansu; Guizhou; Shaanxi Tibet; Ningxia; Fujian; Inner Mongolia; Yunnan; Xinjiang; Heilongjiang's agriculture, plastics and ore industries provide bean color separators. If you choose our products, we will transport them by land based on the position of "being urgent to users and thinking about users"; Please follow up the logistics information of the goods patiently and check in time. Number of channels: 64 output: 0.5-0.8 power kw:1 gas source consumption m3/min:<1.0 Lhasa color sorter price_ The bean color sorter of aobote group is sold at a reasonable price. Hefei aobote automation equipment Co., Ltd. can make today's achievements in the food and beverage processing equipment industry, which is more due to the implementation of lean management and the realization of tapping potential and increasing efficiency. Thanks to the support and trust of the agriculture, plastics and ore industries for many years, the quality of the bean color sorter supplied by the company has been recognized by the industry with customer-centric and demand driven. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and negotiate business. Let's work together to create a new mileage on the way. About Shanxi industrial color sorter factory, Lhasa color sorter price, Hebei color sorter manufacturer, Shijiazhuang color sorter factory information, please call us for consultation