CS + Series Beige separator of Hefei aobote automation equipment Co., Ltd. has the functions of integrated structure design, the latest ash cleaning device, yellow and white separation and sorting, yellow and white broken separation and sorting, and color and shape separation. It can be applied to the selection, optimization and intelligent selection of rice, beans, nuts, grains, seeds, dehydrated vegetables, industrial plastics and other particles. It is a process to screen the heterochromatic particles and impurities in Rice by using CCD optical imaging technology. After the materials arrive at the processing site, the proportion of different color particles and impurities (i.e. impurity content) shall be determined. The impurity content in rice materials directly affects the color separation accuracy of the rice color separator. The higher the impurity content, the lower the color separation accuracy. Therefore, the operating mode and other relevant parameters of the color sorter are generally set according to the impurity content, output, type, etc. of rice materials before starting the machine. After the parameters are set, the selected rice is loaded into the feed hopper of the color sorter through the lifting machine. At this time, the rice is fed from the feed hopper to the first selection chute channel (i.e. the color selection channel, whose surface should be flat and smooth without rice jumping). The rice grains are arranged in the chute channel for shaping and speed regulation to form a single-layer rice flow with uniform speed, which slides out of the chute channel and falls into the CCD lens detection area. The main control system of the color sorter analyzes and discriminates the rice flow according to the data collected by the CCD lens, and uses the high-speed air jet valve to blow the defective products out of the rice flow and into the defective product bucket. The defective products sorted at the first time enter the rice hopper for secondary color separation through a special elevator. High quality rice materials after secondary color separation will be sent to the next process for treatment; The defective products shall be determined as the final defective products and stored separately.

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