The automatic three-dimensional warehouse can realize the rationalization of the high-level warehouse, automation of access, simplicity of operation and other advantages. The main body is composed of shelves, stackers, AGV, RGV, in (out) warehouse workbench and automatic transportation in (out) and operation control system. The rack is a building or structural body of steel structure or reinforced concrete structure. Within the rack is a storage space of standard size. The lane stacker runs through the lanes between the racks to complete the work of storage and pick-up. The management adopts computer and bar code technology.


The stacker is the core equipment of the whole automated three-dimensional warehouse, which can carry goods from one place to the designated position through manual operation, semi-automatic operation or full-automatic operation. It is composed of frame (upper beam, lower beam, column), horizontal walking mechanism, lifting mechanism, loading platform, fork and electrical control system.

Vertical storage rack

The vertical storage rack is the main equipment for storing goods in the high-rise shelf storage area. It is required to have sufficient strength, stiffness and overall stability, with high dimensional accuracy and meet the seismic requirements. The rack of this system adopts an adjustable beam combined rack, which is composed of shelf pieces, cargo carrying beams and reinforced support rods. It is connected by plug-in, and the height is adjustable. The adjustment spacing is 75mm. The height of the cargo space can be adjusted when necessary. The transportation and installation are convenient, and the combined shelf mainly meets the long-term automatic operation requirements of the vertical warehouse equipment.


Automated guided vehicle (AGV) refers to a transport vehicle equipped with automatic guidance devices such as electromagnetic or optical devices, which can travel along the specified guidance path, with safety protection and various transfer functions. Generally, its travel route and behavior can be controlled through a computer, or its travel route can be set up by using an electromagnetic path following system, which is adhered to the floor, The unmanned vehicle moves and acts according to the information brought by the electromagnetic track.


There are mainly two types of shuttle cars in the automatic warehousing and logistics equipment: shuttle car type warehousing and delivery system and shuttle car type warehousing system. The trolley running on the fixed track in a reciprocating or looping way will transport the goods to the designated place or connecting equipment. Equipped with intelligent induction system, it can automatically memorize the origin position and automatic deceleration system.

Conveying equipment

Conveying equipment includes chain conveyor, roller conveyor, transfer machine, elevator, AGV, RGV, etc., which are widely used in the production logistics field, such as workshop conveying line, online packaging line, automobile assembly line, etc.

In the automated three-dimensional warehouse system, the conveying system is the channel and bridge connecting the production site, the operation area and the storage area. It has the advantages of high automation, high continuous operation efficiency, low maintenance cost, convenience and rapidity.