1. Professional project consultation

The planning and Design Department of the company is led by industry veterans. Each designer has many years of planning and design experience, and can design the optimal scheme according to the characteristics of different customers and industries, help customers optimize the production process, and find the best balance between customers' expected objectives and implementation costs.

2. Standardized project management process

The company has formulated a sound project management system and strict project process, continuously standardized and strengthened the project manager responsibility system, and ensured the smooth implementation of the project by improving the cooperation between the production department, the technical department and the project management department.

3. Professional after-sales guarantee

Provide inspection, prevention, optimization, upgrading and emergency maintenance services.

4. 400 service hotline

If you encounter any problems in the use of the machine, such as installation guidance, fault repair, spare parts purchase, etc., please call the 24-hour service hotline of aobote:

400-181-0686, our expert seats will provide you with warm and thoughtful one-stop service. During the on-site service of our engineers, if you send

You can also call 400 to complain if the current service is not implemented properly.