Project overview:The project is located in Inner Mongolia. Since the ETDs intelligent sorter system was started, it has not only reduced the labor intensity of workers, but also improved the quality of coal gangue preparation, eliminated various potential safety hazards, created economic value, and realized intellectualization and unmanned! One obot ETDs intelligent dry separator is selected for phase I and will be put into operation in May 2020.

Use effectProcessing capacity 150-210t/h; The upper limit of sorting is 300mm (the maximum feeding particle size can reach 1m) and the lower limit is 50mm; In September 2020, the clean rate of coal gangue reached 99.9%,; It has the characteristics of large processing capacity, wide separation particle size, high separation accuracy and stable operation. The use of ETDs intelligent dry separators will generate economic benefits of about 30million yuan only by increasing the amount of gangue discharged each year.