Aobote ore sorter can not only solve the initial problem of efficiency, but also improve product quality
Aobote ore sorter can not...
Laser sensor is the most commonly used sensor in chute particle sorter. This is a multi-channel technology, which can measure the re...
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Aobote coarse grain color sorter, marching into the agricultural grain industry
Aobote coarse grain color...
Compared with the manual selection method, the coarse cereals rice color sorter can greatly save time, improve efficiency, reduce pr...
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Aobote ore sorter breaks the Convention and only makes innovation
Aobote ore sorter breaks
The physical separation of ore particles is achieved by means of the air jet generated by the nozzles arranged in a straight line. I...
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Our color sorter can choose all kinds of cereals you want
Our color sorter can choo
There are many kinds of coarse cereals, with different sizes, shapes, colors and textures, which requires that the coarse cereals co...
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Brief introduction of belt X-ray technology of ore separator
Brief introduction of bel
Generally speaking, the location of gold deposits is also closely related to quartz, which is generally concentrated in the junction...
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