The fully automatic palletizer is a device that automatically stacks the bagged, boxed, barreled and other materials transported from the front-end packaging line into stacks according to the working mode required by the customer's process (e.g. 5 bags per layer, 8 layers per stamp) and transports the stacked materials. Applicable to chemical, petroleum, grain and oil, food, feed, coating, grease, pigment, beverage and other industries.

For enterprises to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, reduce human resources, realize mechanical automation production, and make enterprise fine and digital management possible.

Rewinding machine: it is connected with the lifting sewing machine to complete the rewinding work, and the height is adjustable.

Turning conveyor: realize 90 ° turning conveyor.

Vibration shaping line: through the rolling vibration effect formed by a group of opposite power rollers and square rollers, the passing materials can be shaped to make the packing bag materials neat and beautiful.

Grader: it is connected with the liftable ladle machine, and coordinates with the ladle machine to adjust to the appropriate angle to complete the material height lifting and achieve the appropriate stacking height.

Empty tray transmission line: store an empty tray and transport it to the stacking position in time when stacking is completed, so as to save time and improve efficiency.

Pallet warehouse: a forklift is used to place multi-layer pallets at one time, and then the equipment can automatically supply one pallet to the robot after stacking.

Palletizer: accurately palletize the materials on the grabbing line to the area to be palletized.

Palletizing position pallet conveying line: the pallet is sent to the line, where the palletizing action of the grabbed materials is realized, and other auxiliary equipment (such as forklift pallet conveyor) can be added at the conveying end according to the needs of customers.

Abbott (ejit subsidiary, website: palletizer is applicable to the following four types of palletizing

1. One machine, one line, single stacking conveyor line

2. one machine, one line, double stacking conveyor line

3. One machine multi line single stacking conveyor line

4. One machine, multiple lines, double stacking conveyor line