How to improve the separation effect of ore color separator

Date:2021-03-12 Views:530

Now most mines use ore color separators to separate materials. Ore color separators greatly improve the efficiency of ore separation, but at the same time, some factors will affect the separation effect of color separators. So how to avoid these factors? Hefei aobote makes the following suggestions:

1. Ore color separator is mainly used for color separation of ore raw materials according to color differences. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the materials in raw materials must have certain errors. The greater the color difference, the better the separation effect.

2. The impurity content of ore raw materials should be reasonable. When there are few impurities and the interval between impurities is large, it can give the system enough reaction time, increase the speed of conveyor belt and improve the sorting output. In other words, the higher the initial concentration of raw materials, the less impurities, and the higher the color separation accuracy of the color separator.