Coal gangue separator
Coal gangue separator

Brand: Abbott

Color separation material: Coal Gangue

Output: 270-370t/h

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   Overview ---- gangue discharge and ash reduction, high efficiency and accuracy, energy conservation and environmental protection, high efficiency and low consumption

Abt series ore (coal gangue) intelligent separation system is developed and designed by Hefei aobote automation equipment Co., Ltd. This product uses advanced technologies such as deep learning algorithm through X-ray image recognition technology to identify coal and gangue, so as to achieve accurate separation of lump coal and gangue.

Abt ore (coal gangue) intelligent separation system is completely dry separation, no water, no medium, no coal slime, energy saving and environmental protection, small system area, short construction period and low investment cost; The system has the advantages of simple process, convenient operation and low operation cost. It has a broad application prospect in replacing manual gangue separation, pre discharging gangue, reducing ash of raw coal and improving the calorific value of product coal.

   Basic system parameters

Material: Coal

Optional particle size range: 40mm--300mm

Processing capacity: 270-370t/h

Gangue discharge accuracy: 99.98%

Coal bearing rate in gangue: < 1.5%

Conveyor belt width: 1200mm ~ 4000mm

Belt speed: 1.7-3.5m/s

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Composition diagram of sorting system

Main components of sorting system

·Batching system

·Feeding system

·Imaging analysis source

·Computer intelligent control system

·Material separation actuator

Schematic diagram of sorting system

Sorting principle

Sorting system - Equipment characteristics

·Completely dry separation, no water required, avoiding environmental pollution

·Low energy consumption and high separation accuracy

·Low project investment cost

·Low operation and maintenance costs

·Simple operation and high stability

Sorting system - scope of application

·It is suitable for coal gangue separation in arid and severe cold areas

·Instead of manual gangue separation

·Replacement ROM jig

·Pre discharge of gangue in Coal Preparation Plant

Sorting system - system efficiency

·High efficiency: the one-time clean separation efficiency is up to about 90%, which is better than the gangue discharge efficiency of manual separation and movable screen jig.

·Low consumption: there is no other consumption except electric energy, and only one operator is required for equipment operation.

·Energy saving: physical separation, no medium, low power consumption.

·Environmental protection: the system is completely dry separation, without the intervention of water and medium, so as to avoid environmental pollution.

Sorting system - comparative advantages with similar technologies newly developed in China

·Foreign technology, mature and advanced

·The system has a variety of specifications, which can meet the requirements of different working conditions

·The separation actuator is sensitive and reliable, and the sorting is accurate

·The material conveying speed can be as high as 3.5m/s, with large processing capacity

·There is no need to set up a material channel device on the material conveyor belt, which has large material throughput and high belt surface utilization

·The system is completely sealed (with transparent sealing observation hole), safe to operate, with dust removal interface, and no dust pollution in the working environment

·The stability and reliability of the equipment have been verified by years of operation performance in foreign coal and iron ore industries