Shandong color sorter factory | where does Hefei supply professional medlar pepper color sorter

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Shandong color sorter factory | where does Hefei supply professional medlar and pepper color sorters? Abbott group strengthens its sense of competition and creates a team spirit. Adopting the production-oriented business model, the company has made proud achievements in the food and beverage processing equipment industry and created a business miracle in the same industry, which of course stems from the company's unremitting pursuit of product quality, striving to use it in agricultural grain, oil, chemical industry, medicine and other industries with quality, especially suitable for tea, sesame, beans, melon seeds, raisins, millet, qiaomai, glass, plastic, cinders, ores, peanuts Medlar and pepper color sorters for color selection purposes such as cottonseed, medlar and pepper are dedicated to our customers.

Hefei aobote automation equipment Co., Ltd. has gradually developed and expanded since its inception. With excellent production technology, rich management experience, good customer service and good corporate reputation, it has made continuous progress in the food and beverage processing equipment industry. The establishment, improvement and development of the enterprise have been completed in a short time. The market of medlar pepper color sorter is broad, and the products have been sold to Beijing; Shanghai; Tianjin; Chongqing; Jiangsu; Shandong; Sichuan Hebei; Hainan; Hunan; Shanxi; Anhui; Guangxi; Henan; Jilin; Guangdong; Liaoning; Hubei; Jiangxi; Zhejiang; Qinghai; Gansu; Guizhou; Shaanxi Tibet; Ningxia; Fujian; Inner Mongolia; Yunnan; Xinjiang; Heilongjiang.

Shandong color sorter factory, what are the working indicators of the color sorter? Here, our Auber special sorter manufacturer will explain and analyze several processing knowledge in this regard. How can we ensure that our color sorter has an excellent working environment? Processing capacity processing capacity refers to the number of materials that can be processed per hour, in t/h. When selecting the model, in addition to meeting the requirements of basin production, it is also necessary to consider leaving 10% to 15% surplus children to ensure the normal color separation effect. The factors affecting the processing capacity include the configuration, structure and specification of the color sorter identification system. In addition, the processing capacity is also closely related to the variety of raw materials, the proportion of impurities contained and the required selection accuracy. Color separation precision color separation precision refers to the ratio of the number of black impurities selected to the total amount of black impurities contained in wheat. Election rate election rate refers to the ratio of the number of selected cells to the total flow in a color election process. Carry out ratio the carry out ratio refers to the ratio of the number of impurities I selected in the secondary color separation process to the number of normal wheat. The carry out ratio is also an important indicator. Generally, the carry out rate is set between 1% and 3%.

Obert group's products are reliable in quality and reasonable in price. Every medlar and pepper color sorter that comes out of the warehouse must undergo strict quality inspection and can only leave the factory after reaching the quality standard. High standards, refinement and zero defects are the basic requirements of enterprises for employees. When the agricultural, plastic and mineral industries sign orders with our company, you need to note that the payment method specified by our company is online payment; In case of any temporary change in bank transfer, we will contact you in time.

Power kw:1.0

Power supply voltage v/hz:180-240 (50Hz)

Cleaning rate%:99

Number of channels: 64

Air source consumption m3/min:<1.0

Shandong color sorter factory | where does Hefei supply professional medlar and pepper color sorter, mature sales network channels, professional after-sales service team, relying on unique experience and excellent technology, the medlar and pepper color sorter of Obert group stands out among many similar products, and users all over the country. The company has always followed the business philosophy of "integrity-based, high quality and low price", and has developed well over the years. The company will continue to go this way. We have reason to believe that the future of Obert group will be better. We are willing to establish good cooperative relations with our customers. Welcome to visit and cooperate.

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