Hefei color sorter manufacturer - where is the supply of Anhui cost-effective nut fried goods color sorter

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Hefei color sorter manufacturer, where is the supply of Anhui cost-effective nut fry color sorter? Hefei aobote automation equipment Co., Ltd., founded on April 22, 2013, has created the basis of product quality of today's aobote group after time of experience and rapid development. Our company adheres to people-oriented, honest and pragmatic, innovative and enterprising, and repay the society. The supplied nut frying and sorting machine adopts all the production raw materials, and the product quality is reliable, so customers can rest assured to use it.

Aobote group focuses on the production of nuts, fried goods and sorters. The products are a good interpretation of its purpose of screening dry goods, fried goods and low-quality products, and are mainly sold to Beijing; Shanghai; Tianjin; Chongqing; Shandong; Jiangsu; Sichuan Hebei; Hainan; Hunan; Shanxi; Anhui; Guangxi; Henan; Jilin; Guangdong; Liaoning; Hubei; Jiangxi; Zhejiang; Qinghai; Gansu; Guizhou; Shaanxi Tibet; Ningxia; Fujian; Inner Mongolia; Yunnan; Xinjiang; Heilongjiang and other regions. Relying on the service concept of perfection, sound mechanism and continuous strengthening, in order to facilitate the vast agricultural production industry, our company has made every effort to provide perfect after-sales service, which has been unanimously praised and praised by customers in need.

Hefei color sorter manufacturer, what are the working indicators of the color sorter? Here, our Auber special sorter manufacturer will explain and analyze several processing knowledge in this regard. How can we ensure that our color sorter has an excellent working environment? Processing capacity processing capacity refers to the number of materials that can be processed per hour, in t/h. When selecting the model, in addition to meeting the requirements of basin production, it is also necessary to consider leaving 10% to 15% surplus children to ensure the normal color separation effect. The factors affecting the processing capacity include the configuration, structure and specification of the color sorter identification system. In addition, the processing capacity is also closely related to the variety of raw materials, the proportion of impurities contained and the required selection accuracy. Color separation precision color separation precision refers to the ratio of the number of black impurities selected to the total amount of black impurities contained in wheat. Election rate election rate refers to the ratio of the number of selected cells to the total flow in a color election process. Carry out ratio the carry out ratio refers to the ratio of the number of impurities I selected in the secondary color separation process to the number of normal wheat. The carry out ratio is also an important indicator. Generally, the carry out rate is set between 1% and 3%.

Adhering to the spirit of "excellence and independent innovation", Obert group not only takes the road of independent innovation in the production and sales of nut frying and sorting machine, but also unremittingly pursues high quality in service. The nut roaster has been sold by the manufacturer directly. The company serves customers wholeheartedly. After sales, the products can be provided with one-year warranty and lifelong maintenance after-sales service, eliminating the worries of the agricultural production industry in choosing our products.

Processing capacity t/h:1.2-6

Cleaning rate%:99

Power supply voltage v/hz:180-240 (50)

Power kw:3.0

Gas source consumption m3/min:3.0

Hefei color sorter manufacturer, where is the supply of Anhui cost-effective nut fried goods sorter? Hefei aobote automation equipment Co., Ltd., located at No. 88 Huaiyuan Road, has been focusing on the production and research and development of nut fried goods sorter. The quality and service of products are deeply recognized by many agricultural production industries. Our company strives to improve the quality of after-sales service and enhance customer satisfaction. If you want to buy an excellent nut frying machine, welcome to consult. We have professionals in related fields to introduce our products to you.

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