Discussion on the development trend of color sorter industry

Date:2021-03-15 Views:546

The transformation and upgrading of grain processing industry cannot be separated from the development of grain machinery equipment manufacturing enterprises, and grain color sorter is an important part of ensuring food processing safety in grain machinery equipment enterprises. Combined with the development of color sorter industry, discuss the development trend of the industry.

Standardization and Modularization: from the comprehensive reform of the whole industrial chain system of R & D, design, production, supply and service, through technological and production innovation, the reliability, stability, economy and intelligence of products are pushed to a new extreme. The result is to produce one product and 10000 products with consistent quality. For example, at the design end, the product is divided into different modules for research and development, and standardization is achieved by reducing welding, grinding, bending, riveting and other methods to improve the stability of the equipment; On the production side, modern production methods are used to improve product performance and reliability, such as the introduction of fully automated production equipment and the construction of fully intelligent production plants. Grain color separators can also realize streamlined production like automobiles and household appliances; The management side improves the user experience by applying various modern technologies, process methods and management methods.

Informatization: Based on the informatization system, through informatization means, collect, analyze and utilize the operation status of the equipment, and provide value-added services to users in time. Based on the "smart recommendation system" function of big data analysis, the machine will automatically recommend the optimal color selection scheme according to the situation of raw grain. The "smart recommendation system" will integrate the local data and the data of other color sorters on the cloud, and then automatically recommend an optimal sorting scheme according to the color characteristics and scheme parameters of the materials you often sort. Finally, it can automatically adapt to new grains and rotation grains, and set different modes for different raw grains with different impurities, so as to realize the use experience of scheme switching in seconds.