Demand position of color sorter in grain industry

Date:2021-03-15 Views:526

The potential market of color separation equipment in China's future development is very broad. With the continuous development of China's economy and the increasing improvement of people's living standards, the application of color separation equipment in the processing of grain, seeds and other agricultural products in China will have a rapid development. Although the color sorter was born abroad, due to the courage of Chinese national enterprises to explore and self-help innovation, it broke the monopoly of foreign markets and accelerated the industrialization process of China's grain color sorter industry. At present, the grain color sorter industry has become an increasingly mature industry in China. With the continuous benign competition of grain color sorter manufacturers, China's grain color sorter technology continues to improve, and will fly together with its counterparts in the world.

Intellectualization: realize the interconnection of equipment, equipment and production line through network, artificial intelligence, automation and other cutting-edge technologies to meet various needs in management. In the first stage, the equipment is intelligent, such as the wechat applet of color selection housekeeper, which can monitor the output, finished product volume and defective product volume of each machine anytime and anywhere, and can also monitor the impurity content of sorting raw materials and the precision of finished products in real time. When you want to see the report, you can generate a quality report that belongs to you by clicking your mobile phone. You no longer need to take samples, raw grains, etc. and take photos to find customers; Key color selection parameters are regularly backed up in the cloud, and excellent color selection schemes are called at any time; Signals, lights, key devices, automatic timing monitoring of dust, automatic calibration, etc. Secondly, improve the digitalization of equipment. For example, in the future, we will rely on the new 5g communication technology to realize the intelligent processing mode of panoramic quality analyzer + color sorter in parallel. If you want to ask me what is the biggest feature of this model, the answer is "fast, accurate and stable". Finally, realize the interconnection of everything in the production line, and realize the direct connection between equipment and equipment, the connection between the Internet of things and the Internet, and the connection between data and enterprises, competent departments and even the big data platform of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas through cutting-edge technologies such as network, artificial intelligence and automation. The whole production line intelligently controls the material processing mode to avoid over processing caused by multi-level processes, resulting in nutrient loss and increased crushing rate, so as to comprehensively optimize the efficiency of the production line.