Analysis of working principle of ore color separator

Date:2021-03-16 Views:532

The key component of mineral separation equipment is the sensor itself, which can be any of a variety of rapid response types. It is a logic system or computer that processes the sensor signal, and it is also a method to distinguish target minerals and non target minerals through physical separation.

Modern sorters are designed with belts or chutes. In the belt system, raw ore is transported to the sensor array at a fixed position on the belt, and the designed belt has enough length to allow ore particles to be identified by the sensor on the belt before being sent to the sensor. In the chute system, the raw ore slides freely along the inclined chute to the sensor, and in this process, the ore particles can be detected and sorted. Because the range of particles falling on the sensor is fixed, this also provides a better resolution for the belt system, so that the sensor image of each particle is processed in milliseconds, the processing time is also extremely shortened, and the distance from the sensor to the separation is minimized, The accuracy of the system can be optimized.

For the production of fine-grained minerals, the typical solution is to collect fine-grained ores from the separation discharge room through vibrating screens and filter bags before entering the separation system. The surface based sensor system needs a complete water washing process to ensure the clear visibility of all surface characteristics