Fully automatic palletizer, how can the factory handle and palletize without it

Date:2021-03-16 Views:511

As a kind of handling robot, palletizing robot plays an important role in industry, agriculture, food, chemical industry, electric power and so on. The benefits it brings to enterprises are visible, but it also has a certain impact on people's lifestyle.

Saving human resources, whether manual operation or manual handling, requires a lot of human resources. For manual handling, each person does not carry much goods in an hour, especially when stacking to a high place, the efficiency is lower. The stacking machine can stack in the warehouse, no matter how high it is placed. Moreover, regardless of the stacking height, the efficiency is very high.

When stacking, what you worry about is being in disorder or tilting. The palletizer can complete high-level palletizing without goods tilting or collapsing. The robot can work continuously without failure. In the case of completing the same set of actions, if the time spent by the robot is not more than that spent by the human, the efficiency of the whole production will be significantly improved.