Human beings continue to progress, science and technology continue to innovate, and color sorters continue to reform

Date:2021-03-18 Views:528

At present, the grain color sorter industry has become an increasingly mature industry in China. With the continuous benign competition of grain color sorter manufacturers, China's grain color sorter technology continues to improve, and will fly together with its counterparts in the world. The potential market of color separation equipment in China's future development is very broad. With the continuous development of China's economy and the increasing improvement of people's living standards, the application of color separation equipment in the processing of grain, seeds and other agricultural products in China will have a rapid development.

Although the color sorter was born abroad, due to the courage of Chinese national enterprises to explore and self-help innovation, it broke the monopoly of foreign markets and accelerated the industrialization process of China's grain color sorter industry.

China is a big country in grain production and consumption. In 2019, China's grain output per unit area was 5720 kg / ha (381 kg / mu), an increase of 98.4 kg / ha (6.6 kg / mu) or 1.8% over 2018. Among them, the grain yield per unit area was 6272 kg / ha (418 kg / mu), an increase of 151.4 kg / ha (10.1 kg / mu) or 2.5% over 2018. With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for healthy food and green food materials is increasing, which improves the status of cereals on the table of urban people. People have higher and stricter requirements for the quality and appearance of agricultural products. People's awareness of food consumption has changed from eating full to eating well and eating at ease. Food safety issues have been widely recognized and have risen to major national strategies. The government has continuously issued new regulations and standards, associations and media supervision have been strengthened, and consumers' awareness of rational consumption has been continuously improved. It is also forcing the grain, food and color selection industry to continue to innovate and upgrade, Improve food safety solutions.