The position and demand of color sorter in grain industry and people's healthy life

Date:2021-03-18 Views:500

Combined with the current domestic food safety situation and the current situation of the industry, the development trend of grain color sorter has shown as follows: industrial chain extension, intelligent production, large-scale processing; Food safety, health and nutrition; Product customization.

① Industrial chain extension: from the refinement of rice deep processing to the upstream of the industrial chain to the collection and storage of rice, the future industry will gradually develop towards the whole industrial chain mode integrating breeding, planting, processing, storage and transportation and sales;

② Intelligent production: the grain processing industry will also develop towards production modernization and intelligent equipment. Advanced technologies such as the Internet of things, cloud computing and big data will create conditions for intelligent production;

③ Large scale processing: the equipment is stable and reliable, and the processing output is large and the processing time is long.

④ Food safety is reflected in the improvement of quality of life and awareness of food safety, and the strengthening of the cleaning of malignant impurities and pesticide residues in grain.

⑤ Health and nutrition: the industry tends to pursue nutrition retention and nutrition balance.

⑥ Product customization: the industry pays more attention to the quality demands of consumers and meets the personalized needs of users through market segmentation. For example, COFCO launched the whole rice original rice, with the concept of "caring for people with three highs and advocating a healthy life", highlighting the function of preventing three highs.