Aobote coarse grain color sorter, marching into the agricultural grain industry

Date:2021-04-01 Views:532

Compared with the manual selection method, the coarse cereals rice color sorter can greatly save time, improve efficiency, reduce processing costs and save labor. It can improve the quality and economic benefits of rice products. This is a good helper and machine for rice selection. The rice color selector can strive for more benefits for grain farmers and merchants and reduce the scrap rate of rice.

In the rice harvest season, you'll fall behind before you own it. When the rice sales season comes, you can sell other people's rice at a good price, but where are you worried? You can only watch others take out high-quality rice to sell, watch others make profits, and sigh why you can't get these! Now let me tell you, let's not lag behind people. With developed technology, there is a good machine for rice selection, which is a good helper. It can help you solve the above situation. You deserve to have it quickly.